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So sorry for your loss of your MIL. That did seem to kind of spiral downhill quite quickly once it started. I sometimes think that's for the best for all concerned, especially her. I know I'd rather go quickly if I'm going. Well there are no "ifs" about it, are there? When I go no matter how I go, I pray I go quickly.

And your poor DD. I'm sure that was very upsetting for her to miss her grandmother's funeral, plus being ill herself.
And you guys!! I bet you are dragging after all you've been through. I wish you could just take a few days and get away to decompress. But of course, there's work, and life in general and time just keeps marching forward.
Prayers for you and all your family. And hugs!

Again, Cindy, I'm so sorry. May your pretty kitty RIP.

Carolyn, you are so smart to do all this now! Good for you!!!

Food can wait!
There. Will. Always. Be. Food.
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