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Originally Posted by carla70 View Post
Hi Everyone! Had a GREAT time in Vegas with my sister. We walked so much I have blisters on my feet where I didn't know I could have blisters. Friday hit my all time step goal on my fitbit with 23,947 steps! I tried to eat well but I did gain on my weighing in today, but am I am ok with it, I had fun! I try to work out each morning but this morning feets are maybe needing a break.

I did also find that I do want and need to do this for me. I do not like how I feel. So all in all good.

You all are doing amazing and are great inspiration also. On trip I couldn't wait to get back and read your posts.

Lou, that is terrible they do not give respect in weighing in. I am not able to go meetings so started back on just online. I am now taking the time to read the articles and such on the site. The site has changed and is so helpful from what I have read and looked at so far.

Sue, being in a mountain cabin must be very beautiful!

I am compiling my grocery list and such for the week. I am looking at and wondering if Simply Filling might be good for me. Has anyone else tried that?

Good to be back and Happy Monday!
I am doing simply filling. I started back on it today. It is a really healthy plan, and I already feel better.
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