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Today at the grocery store I had the profound feeling of being SICK of this food!
I really wanted bacon, and cream sauce for my spaghetti squash!
But I muscled through.
Chicken and brussels sprouts and ?? something else for supper.
For lunch and breakfast I had sweet potato hash with eggs. I'm a little addicted to sweet potato hash!
Day 9 and I am no smaller in the pants! I have on a pair of pants I haven't worn in a couple of weeks and they fit no different. boo hoo hoo. It's not supposed to happen this fast, I know, but I was hoping...
I will not eat for entertainment, I will not eat for entertainment, I will not eat for entertainment...
I have been doing LC, on and off, since 1996. The ONLY time I've lost a LOT has been eating vlc, but the ONLY times I've gained it back quick + more has been after vlc. So from now on, it's old school LC all the way!
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