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Am so trying sweet potato hash tomorrow-I have a sweet onion and two sweet potatoes left. I'll add leftover chicken to it-yum!

I found the coolest thing at my local whole foods store: Paleo wraps! They are made with coconut meat, and coconut oil. They're thin, but hold up very well. I fried one in coconut oil then added a tbs coconut manna and a banana for lunch. Really. Freaking. Good.

It's been weird eating this way. I've been vlc for so long now, I'm kind of freaked out by how many carbs I'm eating. I'm not even counting, but I'm probably inching close to one hundred per day. The weird thing is, I don't feel bad. My allergies are a little worse, (which could just be the pollen and not the Paleo) but I actually feel like I have more energy and my mood is better. I'm pretty sure I'm not gaining. I haven't lost in six freaking months, so it's not like I'm really expecting to on this: If I just don't gain at the end of the month, it'll be a win.

The really weird part of it is how easy it is to cut calories eating this way: My heavy days are 1600 or less, my light days between 900-1100. I'm kind of in a strange head space where I don't want this to work, bc I've argued the virtues of NK for so long...
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