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Pat! Glad you have joined us. Step on in and make yourself comfortable. Most of us struggle or have struggled and many have great success stories and support for those of us that need it.

I would caution against using much of those frankenfoods, like Carbquik. Heck, I wanted it to be true too and used it. It drove up my blood sugar and stopped weight loss. The secret, for me and others, is to stay away from anything carby and anything sweet. Get the craving and taste for them out of your system. I suspect that those of us who struggle the most and are not enjoying a weight loss are eating too many frankenfoods, thinking that we can have the no-nos we crave and still lose weight. I stay away from the artificial sweetners and sugar alcohols too. Both drive up blood sugar; I know because I test my bs frequently. Plus these man-made chemicals are harmful to the most neuro-toxins are. There is nothing better for our bodies and health than REAL foods.....meats and low glycemic veggies. Many people are successful with Atkins and I hope you will be too. I couldn't lose anything after being on Atkins Induction for months. Some friends on this board suggested I try Lean For Life which is a more balanced woe. I lost weight every week on it. Then came the Rosedale diet, coconut oil and other healthy modifications after I began researching medical issues relevant to me. So if Atkins doesn't seem to work for you, keep in mind that all our bodies are different and that there are other options out there. Again welcome.

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