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Hi my name is Su and I'm a food addict. (i always wanted to say that)
I have never been skinny or average, although my adult weight has been as low as 130lbs, I was always fat. It has taken this long for me to accept that I am very small boned and at 5'4" I need to weight very little. For me, it has always been
all or nothing" In other words if I could not be thin then what was the difference--fat is fat, right? Thinking like this I let myself get to 270lbs. Funny I never saw in the mirror was other saw or maybe I just didn't look. At some point my cholestrol hit over 350. At that point, my lowest in life, I truly called on the Lord and He heard my plea. I have lost over 120 pounds and the only thing I can tell you is that at my darkest moment Giod was able to come in! When I meet my goal I would like to work as a life coach to others who have suffered long and hard. There is so much life I missed out on, like going to wedding, and if I can help anyone not live this lonely life then this is what I believe God has fit for me to so. There are so many nice people on this board and I just chose this moment to introduce myself. Thanks for reading
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