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Originally Posted by Emerald View Post
Okay peeps in the know...............can you assist me?

I'm in The Great White North (Canada) and we use different measurements.

I'm thinking that my readings could be better.

Cholesterol: 4.2mmol/L

LDL Cholesterol 2.6mmol/L

HDL Cholesterol 1.2mmol/L

Chol/HDL (Risk Ratio)3.5

Triglycerides 1.0mmol/L[/B]
I am so frustrated I could cry. I just got my blood work done again today and my numbers have gotten worse. How I don't know? I exercise, I ahve not eaten one ounce of sugar, no hydrogenated fats, no processed foods at all! I have only eaten low carb veggies and meat, not even processed meat (well except a few times I have eaten bacon).

Here are my readings this time: And the last ones are from three months ago. Scary that the readings are getting worse instead of better.
Cholesterol: 5.0
LDL 3.2
HDL 1.3
Cho/HDL 3.8
Trig 1.0

I'm at a loss of what to do..............

I have been losing a lot of weight. Could that spike my cholesterol?

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