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Me To

Been on Atkins three months lost 33 pounds
Before HDL36 LDL 105 Triglycrdes 295

After three months on Atkins
HDL 54 LDL179 Triglycrdes 118
Been running 3 miles 4-5 times a week
said I need meds
Told me I should never do lo carb not healthy and would gain the weight back anyway. Told the Doc I was 53 but feel like I am 20 again so I must not be very unhealthy. How do you tell someone stop The Atkins because you are losing weight and feeling better than you have in years. Looking for a new doctor. At first I was upset and shocked but then realized this is what I have been reading about. She gave me a low fat diet plan, yea right add in all the sugar again told her no thanks.
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