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Happy Friday !

Hi nuts welcome ! I understand your concern . I hope I may be of help . I can honestly say I can only tolerate 4 eggs a day .
I have IF and that puts me into keto and I feel less hungry after 4 days . Strict QWL no dairy the same 4 days less hunger then some high energy .

Lean cuts of meat, poultry and fish/seafood I usually prepare 8 ounces as a serving hmmm... maybe I will estimate 24 ounces of lean protein a day .

Everyones metabolism is unique and mine happens to work fine with higher fats like rib eye steak and bacon , I switch things up higher fat/ lower fat days, as for dairy that's iffy I can stall with it sometimes and I then eliminate it from my diet . I am far from being perfect on this diet , I keep on though and knowing it works makes it easy to get back on plan.

On another matter, TOM I am still getting my menses at almost 52 years old regular each month . I will be more than happy to tell you that I get that whoosh after TOM is over . If you read through previous posts about the "whoosh" you may lose 3 or up to 4lbs of bloat water weight at the end of your cycle

I hope you all have a great weekend !
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