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Hi ladies

This group is seriously one of the nicest. For real. I always feel like you get it!

Joanne- right there with you. I was a mess and had cramps and thought what is going on.. bam, period. I went off plan and had ghee and some fatty meat. I do think my body needs some fat sometimes becuase I was very malnourished without it for a while.

However, I am def not going to go crazy on fat again. I gain instantly. I know it. Stillmans always makes me lose... initially. I love eating lean protein and always feel good with it most of the time.

Nuts--- HI! I understand the dilemma. I struggle with this as well. But, I just try and breathe and go back to what I know my body likes and feels best with, despite what everyone else says about fat/protein. The only thing I do know is that I am better with the minimal amount of carbs and regulating my fat. This keeps me small in general. i would like to lose 10 lbs soon and it will happen on stillmans and you all support.

Still... how are you? I love turkey bacon, but it does make me gain if I eat too much of it. I try to limit myself. I dont think the high fat keto plan will work for me despite what everyone says about it.

I think eating should feel comfortable with who we are as a person, too. I try to take a holistic approach. If I could just afford high quality fish for every meal I would.

Chicken... well, I tried the rotisserie and I think that messed me up big time. Plus, never ever dairy. I always try ghee or grassfed butter and then I am miserable, bloated and mad that I went down that road.

sorry for the rambling.
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