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I wanted to report back on my 3 month tests and see what you think. My cholesterol total was 324, my triglycerides were 643 and the chol/hdlc ratio was 6.2. Needless to say my Dr. wasn't happy, but I still refused statins. I did add 1000mg of fish oil 3x/day to see if that will help. I told her I still had faith my woe would get things straightened out.

Then there's the matter of my thyroid.... she declined to change my dosage, even though I told her I'm having no luck losing weight, and feel like sleeping all the time. Here's my numbers... TSH .30 (seems a lot different than the last test) T4 (THROXINE) 5.7, T4 Free 0.9, T3 Free 4.8, T3 total 201. Thoughts?

I guess if my thyroid levels seem fine, I should think of other reasons for the lack of weight loss.

Thanks for any input. I turn 60 in May, and I'm feeling totally depressed that I'm going to be so heavy.
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