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Originally Posted by PACarolsue View Post
Yesterday my husband force fed me. LOL We went out to eat and I told him all I wanted was a cup of chili, but he was embarassed for me to order just that so I got a grilled chicken sandwich, too. I ate it because it was good and it was in front of me, but really, I would have been happy with just the chili. I hate when he does that. What difference does it make to him what I eat? Sometimes I think he's afraid of me losing weight. If I get skinny maybe I'll leave him. That would be his lucky day!!

My DH likes when I don't eat - he would prefer me to lose some weight! In fact my wedding rings are now too tight for me to wear but he doesn't want me to have them made bigger cause he says then I'll NEVER lose the weight I guess I agree with him a little - once I take that step it's like I've accepted staying at this weight When I get around 130/135 I can get them on but then when I get back up to 140/145 they are too tight. You would think I could maintain in the 130's, that should be doable. In my younger days I could easily maintain 110/115 but I am not trying to do that anymore. I'd be really happy with 130. I ate a lot after the race yesterday tho so I'm afraid to even get on the scale today. The race was fun; I had my best finishing time of all year of 36 mins for the 5K. Now the next 2 races are half marathons and then no more long races for me. I'll be sticking to 5Ks only after these two half marathons are over. There's just no reason for me to kill myself doing something like that when a 5K is enough exercise for me.
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