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Originally Posted by PACarolsue View Post
Kris, I think you did well by eating slower and stopping when you were satisfied, not stuffed. That's a big problem of mine. I think working that in with IF will work for you, especially since you exercise so much and don't really have a lot of weight to lose.

I think crack slaw can be made whatever way you want it. Most of the recipes I've seen say to brown the meat then drain it and set it aside. Saute the cabbage and other ingredients of your choice until the cabbage reaches the desired tenderness. Some others cook the cabbage right in with the meat. It's a personal preference. I prefer the cabbage well cooked and actually mushy, but if you like it crisp and crunchy then don't cook it as long. I really like the cabbage sauteed with some onion and spices without the meat, but I guess you really should have that protein in there. DH won't eat it, but I do make it for myself once in a while in a smaller portion.

I tried to post a link to some recipes but it didn't work. If you want to search, go to the top of the forum and click on search. Then scroll down a bit and enter "crack slaw" in where it says keyword, then go down to where it says search options and on the right hand side highlight recipes and menus. You will get a whole page of low carb recipes and a lot of them are for crack slaw. Many different variations.
Thanks PAC I'll search right now. Just got back from the hour walk.
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