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Originally Posted by spinningblue View Post
How's everybody doing? My third weigh in is tomorrow and I'm nervous. My scale has been all over the place this week!

I have splurged on carbs twice since I started this WOE - each night I was up all night with crazy insomnia! Theories?
Spinningblue I had horrifying insomnia for a solid week when I started this and then it passed. I've started, stopped and restarted this diet in the past and this has happened every time. I personally think it just has something to do with your body adjusting to the sudden shock of change. Thank God it did pass, or I probably wouldn't have been able to stick to this diet. I thought I was going insane that first week.

Everyone is doing so great! KUTGW!!

~*~The next month is going to pass by in a flash and you can either gain, stay the same or lose. Which one is it going to be?~*~

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