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Originally Posted by rachel0923 View Post
welcome Betty and Bridesmaid! It does work!

Great job Kat!

I've been off the wagon since my WI on Wednesday. Sick again and turned to comfort foods, for comfort and because I didn't feel like doing any prep. It would be nice to have an option that worked for me in that situation! But feeling so run down, working all day, running a fever, dealing with the kids, I just wanted to have a bowl of cereal for dinner, and then for breakfast. I did sleep 12 hours straight and feel a bit better today. This bitter cold isn't helping! Hopefully the family will let me relax this weekend and get over this cold. Have a great weekend!
I hope you can get some rest over the weekend Rachel. I know it's hard with young children, work, etc. plus you're sick and its bitterly cold. I think you're doing great. And remember: this too shall pass
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