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I was the same weight today as yesterday (181). I am happy to stay the same on a weekend instead of have a gain. Breakfast this morning was chicken filets and tonight we are having steak with veggies and the leftovers will be be my lunch tomorrow.

2 months until my trip! I hope to be 165 by then! I keep thinking if I had been good from my bday until now I would be closer to that goal but I should think that way because that will just make me go off plan. Every time I am sad about being overweight I eat, it doesn't make sense haha

Still awesome job! Do you find it's easier to rag on plan when eating alone?

Monaliza: we are pretty much to the same weight and my final goal isn't far from yours, let's do this together!

Leanne: how was work? Did you need the tuna?
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