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Originally Posted by MonaLiza View Post
Hi!! I've been pretty much lurking through the boards and reading for motivation and then I figured, why not join in?? I'm doing stillmans just officially started again...yeah...this past Monday and So far so good! I did stillmans after having my son 2 years ago, lost my 40 lbs of baby weight (yikes) plus 15 more lbs then slowly fell off the wagon and the weight crept back up. I'm at least at my pre-baby weight now but I still have a lot to lose. I'm 5'3, I'd like to get down to 130 and then go from there. I'm at 186.4 as of this morning which puts me down 7.8 lbs since Monday!! I've been very strict so far, 2 eggs mixed with ground turkey for breakfast, I haven't been hungry for lunch so far, and then egg drop soup for dinner (sometimes with cut up boneless skinless chicken breast or thighs thrown in)

I've been inspired by all of your posts and successes and thought it might be fun to join in!! Happy losing!!
I've also ben lurking but decided to jump in! I'm starting tomorrow! Breakfast will be 2-3 poached eggs and green tea
I have tuna, burgers and chicken breasts in the freezer so I'll figure out the rest tomorrow

Happy Stillmanning!
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