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I scored some good stuff at the Grocery Outlet today; Marantha organic PB $3.99, Gardien chipotle black bean burgers $3.99, Cedarlane enchilada pie $2.99, GG crisp bread (pumpkin seed) .99.

I've never had the crisp bread because it is an online purchase and I wasn't sure I'd like it. Some people loved it, others thought it was like cardboard.

If I like it, I'll pick up a few more packages. It is close dated but the packaging is pretty thick so I think it'll last longer.

TJ's had bags of organic pears. The smaller ones so perfect size. They smell so good.

It seems like since that salmonella at the peanut factory there is much less organic available. I felt like filling my fridge with many jars but used self control.
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