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Hi all! Starting this on Tues as I need to do some prep work prior. I could, IMO, stand to lose 5-7 pounds. My big thing is I am 53 and am tired. My hormones are balanced (BHRT) as is my thyroid but I can't seem to shake being tired and my sleep sucks unless I take a lot of sleeping meds. I have a sneaking suspicion I may have more issues with either grains or dairy than I know so I thought I would try this as some one said upstream, it is basically an elimination diet. After this, I will transition to primal to see if I can handle dairy.

I need to do some reading and access some recipes but i think I can do this. I'm looking at the shopping list and some things don't make sense. Raisins? Dates? Mango, Bananas?? I think I'll do only berries. Thank God Costco has frozen organic berry blends. And I'm going to allow Truvia. On the berries only.

Do any of you just buy ghee? I have a lot of butter and could make it. I bought some from here but really didn't like it.
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