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Good morning everyone!!

On to day 2!

Michelle, you're so right....we are all much more alike in our struggle than we realize....that's one of the things I love about being plugged in here....I don't feel so alone in the struggle!

Norma Jean, thank you for the compliment! That adorable little angel is my 9 month old granddaughter and she is without a doubt amazing!! You know, with a group this size there's no way to keep up with everyone each time you post, I think we all realize that.....but it is nice to get to know each other better!!

Carol, way to go! Hey, water weight or not, 2 pounds is STILL 2 all counts!!!

Mrs Vardy, I looooove mexican food, and of course being in AZ we certainly get our fill don't we??? It's really hard to eat out though, it's much safer to cook at home!

Going2, I like the things you're going to try out....those are all excellent...very inspiring!! I know little to nothing of're right, it seems so exotic.....I guess I'm more of an old fashioned treadmill or hiking kind of gal.

Well, I'm down 6 pounds since I officially re-started last Monday....I'm down a pound since yesterday! I did start a 3 day fast yesterday that my DS and I doing together, no solid foods, just water, coffee, tea and I expect I'll see a bit of a drop with that. It's good though because I've really needed to focus on drinking more water, and this is forcing me to do just that!!

Well, have a great day all, if it's not too crazy I'll check back in later....stay safe and warm!!

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