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Tammy - WTG on your loss! Hear fasting a couple times a week for 16 or more hours is great for getting your metabolism hopping. Dr. Jason Fung's name comes up a bit on LCF boards as a proponent.

Crazy - Thanks for the reminder to stay hydrated, especially for those of us trying to hit ketosis.

BetsieLou - Sounds like you are pretty active if you are farming, so that can be good as exercise, we just need to keep moving.

Kal - You are motivated for your trip, so if you feel like you're backsliding, c'mon in here and we'll nudge you back on track. You'll be getting all of your WL goal rewards in no time--can see that mani/pedi in the near future!!

Michelle - Can relate to the struggle and disappointment from a binge. We are so hard on ourselves, but the struggle is real, and we are all here to hold each other up.

Carol - I just noticed your footer, and isn't that the truth for a procrastinator like me: "If I had started a year ago I would be at goal today."

Norma Jean - Hope you can find what things works for you too. I've tried a lot of different tricks but most never stuck, a.k.a. I didn't want it bad enough.

To others who are reporting WL, WTG and a pat on the back!

Had a great eating day yesterday, only 13 net carbs, but it was tough. Am so used to eating whatever whenever, even for no reason, that's how bad I've become. The only thing that has tempered it is having a LC kitchen, not a big taste for sweets or fried stuff, but LC isn't necessarily low cal, and I was deceiving myself that portions didn't matter.

My feet felt a little sore last night, so will shoot for only 1 easy mile treadmill walk today. I wanted to do another mile after dinner, but my "smart" part of my brain said no, take it easy. I didn't get to this point in a few days or weeks, there's no shame in getting back on track just as steadily.

Today's mini goal is to do "stair pushups" each time I go upstairs. With my feet on the landing, I push off of a few stairs ahead, nice and easy, just 10-20. Might even add a few squats every time I walk thru the kitchen <gulp!>.

Hope everyone has a great Over the Hump Day and feel like you are heading in the right direction for your WL goals!
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