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Good job, Carol! Yup, new rules for a new year--can do this!

Kal - 8 lbs/3 weeks is doable and sounds like you have serious determination!

Speaking of the struggle, had been dawdling this morning and feeling lazy, uh-oh. So I thought, lemme wash up and run a couple errands before the lunch rush folks get out. Then the shoulder-angel said, "you were bragging about being able to do a quick mile, so do it now!" but the shoulder-devil said, "do it later"--ack! I had to push myself to slip on my new walking shoes and get on the treadmill. It's in DH's basement man-cave and has a big TV in front of it to watch to keep boredom at bay. Well about 1/3 mile in, the treadmill just flat out dies on me--noooooo! Not this week, when I am off to a fresh start! It was plugged into a UPS cuz DH is a geek and has all kinds of devices attached to it, so I plugged the treadmill into a regular surge strip and it started--phew!

Anyhow, goal was 1 mile, especially in the walking shoes, which don't have as much support or are as broken in as my athletic ones. After I reached 1 mile total, decided I felt up for a doing a bit more, then next thing you know was up to 1.6 miles and, well, can't have an uneven number like that, so clocked in 2 miles. Just showing what a mind game it can be to get exercise done.

Forgot to do stair push-ups the 3 times I went upstairs already, so left a colored sticky note at the bottom landing to catch my eye as a reminder. And nope, no squats yet either, need to get another "flag" put out.

Know I'm blathering about myself, just need to get some "confessional" done before my groove gets going. I have so much gratitude and thankfulness to have this opportunity of time for myself between jobs--and a supportive DH!--don't take it lightly. I totally get those of you who have full-time jobs or commitments and how challenging it can be to find time for yourself, make it a priority. Some for those of you struggling.
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