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Originally Posted by Perdita View Post
I have looked high and low, skimmed through the main bread threads/indices, and google'd this, and I can't find this recipe. Is this the same as the dinner roll recipe?
I used his 'final' mix and the bread recipe on p.5 of this thread for my buns:

What I did is make up two mixes -- one using Carbquick and one using Carbalose. He had mentioned once that Carbquick produces a softer crust, so I wanted that for my hamburger buns. I sift my Carbquick first to rid it of that funky smell (it's a pain, but it works). I ran out of the Carbquick mix on Sunday and made the buns with Carbalose...they were equally delicious.

Here's a link to his original recipe before he replaced the Resistant Wheat Starch with the Hi-Maize (the bun recipe is practically identical to the bread recipe):

So sorry for the confusion.

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