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Originally Posted by majomor View Post
hi Kevin, i have followed you for over a year and made many of your recipes, they are truly fabulous....with the exception of the bread at this altitude is very unforgiving.they suggested also a higher oven temp in less time when baking(as at high altitude the bread rises too much too fast then drops before it finishes cooking).....

it rose to nearly the top (they suggested not to rise fully to the top of the pan for high altitude.

the bread rose while baking at 405degF (they suggested higher than 375 or higher than low altitude baking of yours of 375degF)
but it did not rise as high as i would have expected with the above changes.

i maybe suspect it is the inital 20 min wait before kneading that caused the yeast to give out? (as the suggestion of over rising the yeast at high altitude)

I don't know what to do now, i am stumped???!!
Majomor -- It's been a really long time since I did high-altitude baking, but I was noticing that all the tweaks you made were to keep the bread from rising too much, too early...and it seems to have not risen enough.

What if you backed off on a few tweaks, and did everything as above but let it rise to the top of the pans, then baked it at 375 degrees?

Because it seems like rising too much too fast is not the problem with this recipe. Just an idea.
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