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Jo-Anne, Just wanted to say that the recipe for the #4 bread was never intended for more than 1 loaf. I did used to pinch off some of the dough and make about 4 rolls with it, besides the loaf, but I was using a shorter bread pan then than what I am now, and rarely got much of a rise over the pan. Now I use a longer pan, and usually a higher rise. Funny sometimes the same recipe rises huge, sometimes not so great. That could be due to several things, including the proportion of dry to liquid, the humidity (or atmospheric/barometric pressure) that day, the warmth during rising, rising time,,,, so many things can make the difference.

I've been making a large batch (5X) of the dry ingredients, and sealing in food saver bags, then just add to the wet ingredients in the mixing bowl when I make the bread. Today I took a bag of mix, and made a loaf. Everything was just right today, and I got a beautiful loaf. I think I almost let it rise too long, as it fell ever so slightly after I put it in the oven. Not a lot, but slightly. It is a very light loaf.

I realized I forgot to mention before that I use a proffing box for rising, and have started adding a little extra sugar. Still a small enough amount that I think the yeasties will eat all or most of it. I add about 2 tsp brown sugar (not packed) instead of the 1 tsp sugar.
Here are pics from today. But remember I don't always (don't usually) get this much rise!
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