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I actually meant to find the pic I have of my proofing box, and post here, but forgot.
It actually is just a carboard box that was just the right size to put my bread pan in (just a little larger, and tall enough to account for a good rise). I took pics of a loaf of bread that I had made (one of my earlier loaves) (pre bake), and glued to the box, so it wouldn't get thrown out, since it was just the right size. Makes it kinda neat too, but does nothing for the proofing. I placed a catalog in the bottom, as I use this on top of my pellet stove in the winter. Helps to insulate it from too much heat. I do tho place a rack on the stove, and the box on the rack to keep it off the direct heat. When I don't have the stove running, I slightly preheat the oven, use only one rack, and place the box (with the bread) in the oven, keeping the light on if needed.

Hmm I was sure that I had a picture of the proofing box. I can't find it/one right now. I'm too sleepy now (and it's too late) to keep looking, or take one. I'll look more tomorrow, and if I can't find one, I'll take one, and post. But again it isn't fancy. But it does keep away the drafts, and helps regulate the temp. If I used the oven all the time, I probably wouldn't have to use it. But since I have it, I use it in the oven as well as on top of the pellet stove. I place a towel over the top of the box.

I guess if you had a tall enough box, you could place some type of drop light inside it. Had never thought of that. You would need to have a thermometer, and keep an eye on it to make sure it didn't get too hot. (especially the first time till you knew how it did) Maybe even a heating pad, but I think I'd want a rack between the pad & the bread pan.

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