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Originally Posted by makemeslim View Post
After everything I've said, I'm going to give the new Atkins diet a go. I just need something new. I find Keto a pain due to all the logging so I figured the New Atkins plan might be worth a shot. I guess it will be more like lazy Keto. I'm just not feeling Stillman's right now but I've no doubt somewhere down the line I will. I'll still be posting here though folks, so I'm not going anywhere. I just ordered the New Atkins New You book, hopefully it will inspire me further. If weightloss is a bit slower, it's slower... At least I'll be moving in the right direction! For what ever reason, my efforts have gotten me nowhere of late so I need a new approach.
Do you know what the differences are with the new vs the old Atkins? I hope it works for you!
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