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Originally Posted by IWasMadeThisWay View Post
Hey guys! Sorry I've been MIA. It's been really stressful for a bit, but luckily that is about to change. Today, my stepdad got approved to no longer go into foreclosure (I live with him.) And, I had to file an army complaint last week that finally I'm seeing action on today. Without giving too much info, let's just say it went my way and things are moving fast. So once my stepdads court is done on Thursday, we'll be OK in that department. Then I just have to wait for the army complaint to continue working until that's done with.

So, I'll be back posting on the 1st. Officially joined the gym, and deciding how I want to continue eating on plan. How has anyone done on just chicken? Sounds blah, but really want to get this weight off!
Hey there... Glad things are working out for you.
I know Al lived on chicken breasts for a while and we all know how well she did. If you can stick to it go for it! Guessing it gets old really fast though!
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