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1/1- 180.6 Yikes!!
1/2- 179.2
1/3- 177.4
1/4- 176.2
1/5- 176.8
I am still on plan.
I checked my ketones and I am in small ketosis so that's good. That means that I am burning fat. I don't have much of an appetite and the cravings have subsided a lot. I have a lot of sewing to do today. My niece is turning 12 and is into Harry Potter so I am making her a Gryffindor house robe. Her birthday is this Saturday so I have to get on it.
Janet~ You have done very well since you've started. You have lost 50lbs. and have kept it off. You are down to the dribbles so it gets harder the smaller you get, as you probably know. With all the exercise you do your heart and body are really thanking you. Don't give up! You'll get there.
Angie~ That's great on the routine and food prep. You have to be prepared cause you never know when life is gonna happen and it does happen. Lol I used to work for a school a few years back as an office aid. I hardly had time to eat lunch. I had a hard time getting someone to cover for me to take a proper lunch break so I ate while I worked. Now that I look back at it I should have taken my breaks. I was working for free during my lunch time. I was too nice.
Judy~ to you... to you... to J~udy... to youuuuuu!!! And many moreeee!
Hang in there everyone!! It's a new month and a new year!!
2017 Summer Goals-
Get my Low Carb edge back.
Get to feeling good again.
Get back into my jogging!

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