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Angela I totally agree with you on the bloating, if I could remember that everyday maybe I would stay on track... I don't do well with that fat bombs around, I eat to many and well that's not good, I think part of it is because my DH will eat them all up in a night and I'm afraid I wont get any so I overdo it. This is something I work on, I get upset with him but I have to realize I can make them again.

tamigirl thanks, I think my goal is doable. I'm also looking at it that if I lose 6 pounds this month and only 4 next month then I am still on track, going to try not to be so hard on myself.

It's great seeing so many wonderful people back here, we've got this!

My goal for the year is to loose 5 pounds a month, so by the end of the year be 60 pounds down. I won't be at my goal but a lot closer then what I am now.

Have a great day everyone!
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