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Good morning ladies! Well, I seem to be off to a slow start Maybe I didn't have as much water weight as I thought? That's ok, I AM in ketosis, my keto strips are a nice dark plum.....and I am eating on plan and tracking my'll all kick in!!

Judy, Happy belated birthday!! I hope it was a GREAT day!!

Laura, I just LOVE Boxers....well, truthfully I love ALL animals, but Boxers are one of my fav's....they're so sweet and playful!! My DH is very allergic to anything with fur, so I get to vicariously live and love everyone else's fur babies!!

Tami, I do a LOT of the Choc / PB fat bombs, but truthfully I've kind of burned out on them. I do make one with some coconut oil, butter, a splash of SF salted caramel syrup, and some chopped have to keep it in the freezer and even then they don't always freeze all the way through.....but they sure are tasty! I have a recipe for a lemon cheesecake fat bomb, a raspberry bark bomb, and a chia seed/coconut bomb that I want to try in the next few weeks....I'll let you know how they turn out!

Angela, I TOTALLY relate about the bloat!! I was just thinking yesterday how nice it is that I already feel a HUGE loss of that bloated, gassy feeling that had become so'd think I'd learn my lesson and STOP going back to eating the garbage that makes feel so crappy to begin with!

Have a great day everyone, let's rock this!!!

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