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Start Date: Jan 2016
January goals:
Maintain weight before Jan 16 (not go above 235) - T-Day morning weight 232.2
(this is a pre-planned hiatus in low-carb that started Thanksgiving day being maintained by every other day fasting)
(Why Jan 16? - I restarted low-carb Jan 16, 2016 )

Kickstart regular weight loss again Jan 16 - End month at 100+ pounds down 227.6 -

1/1 - a non-weight loss day
1/2 235.2 morning - fast D burgers, eggplant, hashbrown, broccoli, Dst - split tiramisu with DW
1/3 233.6 B eggplant w/ mozzarella S sausage stick D beef stew (with potatoes)
1/4 230.4 morning - fast D salmon, broccoli
1/5 228.4 B cheesy eggs L tuna salad

I see my yesterday post didn't post when I hit submit.
Feels good to see a low number.
I am now officially down 99.2 pounds

Of course, I really want that third digit. But it's just a number (of course, I'm a math person, so I REALLY want that third digit). I told myself that on the 16th I'd assess where I was and look at my weight management from a health perspective. But I'm starting to think about it now.

What exactly is a healthy weight and what are my long-term goals?

But for now...

Stay On Target
Hello, my name is Sven. (really)

Ten years ago, i embarked on a low-carb lifestyle and once upon a time I was 305/215/199. Then DW had to go ahead and have our second child (ok, part of that was my fault) and so we had a two-year-old and a new born. Between the lack of sleep and the holidays, my diet exercise plan was torn to shreds. And bad habits returned. Once more into the breach my friends. Once more into the breach.
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