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Originally Posted by LowCarbAng View Post
Goal for 2017: Develop a livable low carb eating plan for life.

Jan 1- 300 IF, steak, spinach salad w/bacon and feta
Jan 2- DNW IF, free lunch (don't ask!), pulled pork
Jan 3- 298.3 protein shake, spinach salad w/bacon and chicken, omelet w/bacon,cheese,veggies
Jan 4- DNW, IF, taco salad, peanuts, salad, bunless burger w/onions,mushrooms,cheese
Jan 5- DNW, leftover omelet from Tues, jello, taco salad, hot tea w/cream and sweetener

Tummy ache today. I never get a tummy ache! It began soon after I arrived at school and lasted through about 3rd period. It began to get better and so I ate jello for lunch. After that it was gone. I have a iron stomach. A student told me that his stomach had been hurting for 2 days so I wonder if there is a little tummy virus going around.

Its cold around here. SW Texas isn't hardly ever cold. I don't even buy sweaters anymore. Tomorrow the temps will be below 40 for much of the day. That's VERY cold for us! I've been wearing flip flops and had to try my tennis shoes today (it was about 55 all day). It was okay but not as comfy on my post op foot as the flip flops. It will be below 50 all weekend. YUCK.

Question: Do you have to check ketosis with the pee strips in the morning or can you do it any time?

Kit-sorry about your cold. Colds suck.

Shannon- Disney is our goal for next Thanksgiving or Winter break. No kids...just us! This summer I want to get back to working at camp in PA.

Tammy- love your quote!
On the Keto can check it anytime. It'll probably be stronger in the morning due to having concentrated urine. Also I have read that the more water you drink the more diluted the ketones so if you drink a lot of water you might only show tract to small. That doesn't mean that you aren't in good ketosis. I had to get blood drawn at my Dr.'s office last year and I was only showing trace on the strips. When I got my results back she said I was showing large amounts of ketones in my system. She was impressed with that. She is big on the LC WOE.
2017 Summer Goals-
Get my Low Carb edge back.
Get to feeling good again.
Get back into my jogging!

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