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My results & Nido

Thought I would report my "findings" so far.

I made Carolyn's version (1 cup) except that I aded a tiny amount of Lecithin (granular) to it (about 1/16 tsp). Then I made it and added the Lecithin and 1/2 TBsp Calcium Caseinate Powder. I blended each well, and put in the fridge till cold. Both were good (especially concidering that my pwd milk was pretty old), but I preferred the taste with the Calcium Caseinate in it. It tasted to me more like real milk. The one without it had more of a pwd milk taste, but not too bad. If the pwd milk were fresher, I'm not sure I would taste it as much. But still think I'd prefer the added Calcium Caseinate. (I had looked over Scott123's "unmilk", and that was a key ingredient in his, so decided to try some in Carolyn's recipe.)
Oh, and I used 1 TBsp cream in both.

I then made up a 1 qt batch using only enough water to make 1 qt (abt 3 1/2 cups), 3 TBsp Calcium Caseinate, & 1/2 tsp Lecithin. I didn't refridgerate this. I made it into yogurt. I did have similar results to what shunsweets posted. But I had attributed it to the fact that I didn't have any fresh starter mix, and what I used (yogurt saved) was questionable as to how good it was. So at least for me the jury is still out. But now that I know about shunsweets results, I'll keep that in mind. I may add more milk pwd or cream to it next time. I know that you can make yogurt with pwd milk, as I used to do it all the time. Hadn't done that since on low carb. Hmmmmm wonder what else "we" could add that would be lower carb to make the yogurt thicker.
Oh, by the way, the yogurt had a very nice flavor I thought. Just thin. I'm using it in protein shakes, etc mostly. If I can think about it in time to let it set for a while, I may add about 1 tsp chia seeds to one of the yogurts & see what happens. (I use an old Salton Yogurt maker that has 5 cups. -- I've traded out it's cups for 1/2 pint Mason jars -- works great.)

Now on the Nido. I looked for it at my WalMart a couple of days ago. I found 3 different types. None were whole milk, and more importantly, all contained sugar and/or corn syrup solids!!! I did find whole milk Nido at Albertson's yesterday. I did not contain those. I didn't buy it tho. It was just more than I wanted to pay right then. Thought I'd check around more before buying. Now I'm not sure if I will buy it even. Maybe stick to the nonfat. I have almost a gallon of the CC milk in the fridge, so may wait till closer to using it all up before making more of the "milk" up. I do like the taste of Carolyn's (especially with my added Calcium Caseinate) better than the CC for drinking tho.

Oh, by the way Shirl, You should be able to return the Nido since you have not opened it, and especially since you want to exchange it for another brand.

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