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Quorn Holiday Dinner

Quorn Holiday Dinner:

I thought I'd try this yesterday. It's pretty good.
You get a roll of some kind of faux turkey meat and it serves 4.
It also comes with about a dozen little "stuffing" balls, which are actually little faux sausages that are the best part of the dinner. The faux turkey meat is good too.
And it comes with gravy. While the gravy smelled delicious before I heated it up, it tasted terrible. Super sweet and weird tasting, so I didn't eat that.
I sliced up some of the leftover faux roast which I'm calling turkey for a sandwich today and vacuumed sealed 2 servings and froze for a quick meal later.
I forgot what it it at whole paycheck and it seemed a bit expensive at the time, but now that I've tasted it and I actually like most of it, I think it's worth the price.
I'll definitely buy this again if they still have it.
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