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I lost 7 pounds first week and 4.5 the second week, total of 11.5 pounds in two weeks. I am in the middle of the third week and I can feel I have lost more ... but I have to wait until Tuesday for the weigh-in. I fell great eating the 500-600 calories, I have a lot of energy, maybe is because of the shots.

When you are in maintenance they will let you know how much calories you can eat to mantain your weight.

I have no idea the percentage of people keeping the weight off. I believe that's depends on each person. If you start eating like you did before the program, I am sure you will get back all the pounds you lost and some more.

In this program, they will teach you portion control, break bad habits, be more active and choose heathly foods. I guess is our choice to take it or leave it ....

Good luck

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