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Berta, I really get a lot out of my meetings also. Amazing leaders here also with great weight loss stories. I did get my WW Fresh food delivery yesterday, so I'm all stocked up for the big snow storm this weekend. I don't think I've seen that Salsbury steak dinner lately. Sounds like one I would like. I'll have to look for it.

So I'm watching the snow coming down heavy right now here in the mountains. Resigning myself to being snowed in and will try and make the most of it. I've got a lot of organizing to do. I've got a big walk-in attic area off my bedroom loft and I've got way too much stuff. I've got a few bags ready to donate and will add to them.

Not sure I will want to spend another winter up here though. This has been more snow than we've got up here for a few years. I'm thinking our drought is probably over
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