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Originally Posted by RW City Sue View Post
Berta, I really get a lot out of my meetings also. Amazing leaders here also with great weight loss stories. I did get my WW Fresh food delivery yesterday, so I'm all stocked up for the big snow storm this weekend. I don't think I've seen that Salsbury steak dinner lately. Sounds like one I would like. I'll have to look for it.

So I'm watching the snow coming down heavy right now here in the mountains. Resigning myself to being snowed in and will try and make the most of it. I've got a lot of organizing to do. I've got a big walk-in attic area off my bedroom loft and I've got way too much stuff. I've got a few bags ready to donate and will add to them.

Not sure I will want to spend another winter up here though. This has been more snow than we've got up here for a few years. I'm thinking our drought is probably over
Hello Sue
That is the exact reason I don't go to the pool It seems when I went I would always end up with pneumonia even though I would shower and dry off and change clothes. But since it is something I enjoy after the cold weather is over I may find time to do it again.

I would not like being alone in the mountains in the winter.
But the warmer weather would be nice except for the wild animals

Wow that sounds really nice to have a walking space in your home.
we have a small home 2 bed, 1 1/2 bath, office and craft room.That's it. But only the two of us so no need for anything bigger.
we have a screened in porch I enjoy a lot in the warm weather.

We have Smart Ones mini cheeseburgers here. But sure are small and 5 SP each. I could all six that it comes with. They are the size of White Castles burgers, if you have ever eaten them.

I made oatmeal with cooked apples and cinnamon for my breakfast today it sure was good.Because hubby has requested breakfast for dinner

well didn't babysit today or yesterday as now they are sick. Maybe tomorrow. Seems a lot of people are getting that stuff.I guess it's the flu. we are still coughing quite a lot but we are better.

Stay well, stay warm and keep safe.
With the help from the Lord....
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