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Originally Posted by carla70 View Post
Happy Saturday to everyone!

I have been doing the Simply Filling since Wednesday and I think I like it. Too soon to tell. Each way has its pros and cons. I do have to say I like only tracking what is not on the list. I am maybe not doing it to the letter as I do not like "fat free" other than Western Dressing for some reason so I am using light. Like I said, I do not know if I am doing it quite right but I look at list and only track in recipe what is not on the list or when I check tracker.

I am perusing the internet for recipes to try. When I have time I love to cook and to my family's grimace try new recipes.

I have to say that this site and reading all your posts have kept me going and I want to say Thank You to all of you and we can all do this!

Have a wonderful Saturday everyone!
Hello Carla
I usually am not here on week ends, but I was just checking my email before going to bed and saw you posted.

I made a Pillsbury Sugar Free cake today and it is zero points.
I used egg whites and sugar free applesauce and the Pillsbury SF Cake Mix added a tad of almond flavoring and I mean it is is wonderful!!! I put it through the recipe builder on the WW site and it was zero.The cake mix makes ten servings. They have it in chocolate also. I had been wanting cake for quite sometime and NOW I can have my cake and eat it too

I have been on plan all week thus far only used two weeklies so far. We are eating out tomorrow after church, so hopefully it will be some place I can order on plan.

I've never done the simply filling. I like eating anything I want and just tracking it.As long as I don't have to write it down I am good. That is why I joined online.

Have a wonderful week end.
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