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Hi Cami Jo Like Berta says, it gets easier. There is definitely a learning curve involved at first. My first couple months I spent a lot of time learning lower point substitutes that worked for me and learning portion control for higher point foods. I came from a place of doing lowcarb eating which involved unlimited quanties of proteins for snacks and it took awhile for me to get past that 'all you want to eat' mentality. For someone like myself who has been treated for binge eating disorder, that maybe isn't a good idea to be given license to eat unlimited quantities of anything. I've learned to love the smart points system. I think it's just genius really. It has subtlety shifted my ideas about how I want to eat.

While in the grocery store this weekend, I realized I've become a smarter shopper. Worki g my own personal version of WW's has taught me to put fresh fruits in my basket and Sara Lee delightful lower point bread, one avocado per week, and keep snack foods to a minimum. I've learned which things I can't have around the house and which I need to buy single portions of.

I went to my first meeting this time around on March 20 last year and have tracked every single day since then. I'm actually living a new lifestyle I'm really happy with and best of all I feel it's sustainable over the longrun.


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