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Originally Posted by RW City Sue View Post
Berta, I meant to say your cake sounds tasty. 0 points?!? Wow. I've been doing about the same-only using a couple of the weeklies the last 2 weeks. Hope eating out goes well for you today.

The cake is amazing. With 2tbs of fat free cool whip it is one SP.
Do you have SF cake mixes there? We only have yellow and chocolate. But I add just a tad of almond flavoring and makes it wonderful.It doesn't take much, just a couple drops, but sure does make a difference.

I am wondering what your opinion is on this....

I have not went over my daily points any day but still don't loose. Do you think it is because I eat to much and not really a good balance?
For instance I might have more meat but count the points and then very little veggies.

I am going to see how I do at weigh in this Tuesday and then I am going to use my WW plates and eat from them since they have the round spots to place your food. And just see if there is a difference when I weigh in the next time.
I want to figure out what is that's slowing me down so much even when I am good.

Lunch today was good, but after tracking it, it was 29 points.( I get 30 per day ) So that's all I get today.But I can still have broth and veggies and fruit if I get hungry.

Do you think that will cause a gain eating like that? Because I do eat that way often?

Well gotta go, I do believe it's nap time
With the help from the Lord....
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