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Originally Posted by It'stime View Post
Well just great Bada Bing,,,,or should I say Bada Bing,,,Bada Boom to you

I made it 48 hours on my attempt at the 5 day fast, so that tells me to aim high and reach my goal. I wasn't able to reach 48 before so by failing at reaching 5 days I made it to 48. So a win/lose. And so far 6 pound for me. So happy also.

My first week was a total canceling out of my fasting effort with my feasting. So I'm now gonna just eat what I will be allowed once I reach my goal of 140. I found out that is 1950 to 2150 which is so nice...I can do this on my non-fasting days easy breezy

Hi to all and thanks to Diamond Deb on the info about the MSG.....I would have Kept eating it, but now I know it spikes insulin, which we don't measure with the BS test strips. That makes some sense to me why so many folks eat oriental food and just get hungry so soon after eating!
I am angry that MSG is legal. I keep finding more proof that "they" are just trying to kill us all. Seriously.
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