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JEM's armful of kitties--my new stray

Jem---I looked closer at your image and tried to count the cats…. I may have mentioned I adopted a stray cat dumped 8 months or more ago?

she (thot it was a he for so long) would not let me even approach when was bringing food…then slowly if I stayed 6' away I could put the dish down..then I made an elevated bed in the carport ( so dog didnt see her) she would still hiss at me when I brought food. ( she slept on the bed during the coldest windy icy rainy gave some thermal protection.)

One day I decided to take charge I looked at her after she hissed and
said " look here, I am feeding you,so stop this nonsense, and show some appreciation" in very strong tone.

she blinked at me, got the message and never did it again,

Finally was able to touch, then stroke, then pick up and cuddle

Someone MUST have held her close to the neck..because that did it..she was so lonely all those months that the act of closeness changed her mind and she adopted ME.

I swear, the day I took her to the vet she totally behaved in the carrier in the car,and even with th strange vet handling her, shots and all, and a temp stick shoved up her bottom she .did great. ( turns out she is 4, IS already fixed, and very healthy)

when we got home she started coming in the house, sleeping on the couch, coming to me.

now every eve she comes in and snuggles close to my neck, wants to be held for hours..I read, watch a movie, sh'e my neck blanket…purring away.

will never know why they dumped her, since she was spayed, people lose jobs, move to no-pet apts, and this happens all the time….people dump them in the 'country" where they starve, get sick and die alone usually…not this time.
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