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High Fat Diets for Kids with ADHD?

So, I myself could stand to loose a few pounds, though I am not what anyone would really consider overweight. My son is 10 and previously we ate a lot of "easy" foods (basically processed garbage such as pasta, sandwiches, cereal - even special k with strawberries I now know is not healthy - almost every morning for breakfast). I started doing research and know the brain is about 60-70% fat. I grew up not eating fat. We drank skim milk for as long as I remember, bought non-fat yogurt, and the whole nine yards). I am ashamed to say that I continued this as my son started growing up, which may be the reason why he has ADHD.

I did some research and wanted to start my son on a high fat diet, but with little restriction of carbs (except getting rid of the garbage and not serving starchy veggies, which I can't have on NK). We are transition to clean meats, dairy, and produce. I don't want to restrict my son too much as he is growing and doesn't need to lose weight. The problem might become that he eats way more fruit then veggies. For example he will eat a Caesar salad with meat, but wants berries on top (and I mean like 25 blackberries with 2 cups of lettuce and maybe 20 pieces of steak). For breakfast he will choose yogurt (whole/plain) adding blueberries, again like 25. He doesn't like eggs - but I am trying to work on that . He is excited about the changes to be healthier and wants to make things like watermelon popsicles and peach smoothies, not squash spaghetti or cauliflower pizza crust. I don't want to discourage him. We make a new meal that he is open to, but not loving and follow it with something he is excited about (smoothie for breakfast the next morning). And while my child is at a wonderful weight (perhaps on the thinner side, but not scrawny) I am afraid that by adding a lot of fat (as I intend to do), in addition to all the carbs he will be getting from the fruits he loves, he will gain too much weight. I am also not taking anything away. I don't buy soda, but when we go out (maybe twice per month) he will be able to get what he likes (which will be soda I know - regular as I don't want he to have aspartame), and I am not going to say he cannot have fries or macaroni as a side dish. He is a kid and I want him to have kid things.

Has anyone else increased the fat in your child's diet for ADHD or something else not related to weight? Any thoughts and suggestions (other than suggesting fruit in moderation - I have said that, but don't want to be a dictator about it, he likes to be a part of meal planning and decision making). I don't want to cause weight problems, but I don't want him taking medication and the brain can't grow optimally without the fats that it needs. I may be overly concerned; I have always been concerned about my weight, as both of my parents are morbidly obese and have or are flirting with things like high blood pressure and diabetes. I was just curious as to other's thoughts as I don't want to do more harm than good.
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