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Dr.Stillman's ~“INCHES-OFF DIET”

“INCHES-OFF DIET” By Dr. Irwin Maxwell Stillman

It is recommended that you get to your “ideal” weight first by going on the QWL diet first. You can figure what your “ideal” weight is by this simple formula.
At 5 feet -100 lbs then for every inch thereafter add 3-5 lbs.
5- 100 lbs / 5’1 -103 to 105 lbs / etc… 5’4- 112-120 lbs / 5’5 – 115-125 lbs etc…

Once you get to your “ideal” weight then you go onto the “Inches-Off” diet until you achieve the dimensions you desire. However, you may alternate weeks with the two diets: for instance Week 1- QWL diet/ Week 2- Inches Off diet/ Week 3- QWL diet etc… until you reach your desired weight.

With the “Inches-Off” diet you will take off extra inches from over-size shoulders, arms, stomach, buttocks, hips, legs, calves, & ankles.

*In short, it is pulling the fat out from between your muscles and reducing your over-all muscle masses.

*Take your measurements before you start and periodically thereafter.

“Inches-Off” Guidelines:

1.Eat only the low proteins listed. Don’t eat any foods that are not on the “permitted” list. IF you are uncertain about a certain food, pull out your list; if you do not see it listed then do not eat it.
2.Take a special note of the “NO” foods. Do not eat any of the “NO” foods at any time you are on the “Inches-Off” diet.
3.Eat to satisfy, not to stuff. Never at any time, stuff yourself.
4.Get quicker results by spreading out meals. .Five to six smaller meals would be better then three however, you may choose to only eat three meals a day, but you will not achieve the results you want as rapidly.
5.For quicker results choose lower calorie foods listed. Example 1 cup of cauliflower is 30 calories while 1 cup of Brussels sprouts is 60 calories. It’s up to you if you want to play this savings game.
6.Go on the Inches-Off diet for 6 weeks. You won’t see the extra inches begin to vanish until you have been on the diet a week or more. You can stop at anytime after one or more weeks once you have trimmed your problem spots enough to suit you.
7.Go back on the diet for 6 more weeks if needed. You can go off the Inches-Off diet for a week or two, then back on for another six weeks.
8.Once you have achieved the look you want then go onto Stay-Slim eating. Stay- Slim eating is practically identical to Phase-3 of South Beach. However with Stay-Slim eating it is recommended that you figure out what your daily “maintenance” calories are and count the calories to stay within your allowed limit just until you are familiar with calorie counts for portion sizes etc..
9.Drink plenty of water and liquids. Enjoy at least eight to ten cups or glasses a day of tea, coffee, diet beverages everyday. If you feel you “must” have it you are permitted a dash of non-dairy cream.
10.Take a vitamin-mineral pill daily.
11. Exercise moderately. Don’t exercise strenuously or over-exercise at any time, since this will build up your muscle masses and tend to augment rather then diminish your dimensions.
12. If you have any medical problems, do not go on the low-protein Inches-Off diet without your doctors permission.

Make up your menu’s and your daily eating on the Inches-Off diet from the following permitted foods.

Eat enough to stay at your desired weight or eat less to loss more weight. If you find yourself gaining weight cut down on your portions. Weigh yourself daily.

**( The scale may go up on day 2 because of the carbs. Fruits and vegetables naturally contain a lot of water. It will not take long for your body to adjust and you will lose this “water” weight. IMO- this is why you have to stay on this diet for longer then a week to see results unless you will be alternating with the QWL diet)

Artichokes – Chinese cabbage- Potatoes(sparingly)
Asparagus- Chives- Pumpkin
Bean, Green – Cucumbers – Radishes
Beans, String- Dandelion Greens- Sauerkraut
Bean, Wax- Eggplant- Spinach
Beet Greens- Endive- Squash
Beets, diced- Kale- Strained vegetables
Brussels sprouts- Lettuce- Tomatoes
Cabbage- Mushrooms- Turnip Greens
Carrots- Okra- Turnips
Cauliflower - Onions- Watercress
Celery- Parsley- Zucchini
Chard- Parsnips-
Chicory- Peppers-

If fruits are canned use brands that are packed in, water and are artificially sweetened.

Apples - Honeydew melon- Raisins (sparingly)-
Applesauce- Huckleberries- Raspberries-
Apricots- Lemons- Rhubarb-
Bananas- Limes- Strawberries-
Blackberries- Loganberries- Tangerines-
Blueberries- Mangoes- Watermelon-
Cantaloupe- Mulberries-
Cherries - Muskmelon-
Crabapples- Nectarines-
Cranberries- Oranges-
Cranberry Sauce- Papayas-
Currants- Peaches-
Fruit Salad- Pears-
Gooseberries- Persimmons-
Grapefruit - Pineapple-
Grapes - Plums-
Guavas - Prunes-


All vegetable soups.
Bouillon, Broth
Consommé; Clear No bits of meat, No Chicken, No Seafood-
Beet (Bortsch)

All juices made from vegetables on the permitted list; including tomato juice, sauerkraut juice, combination-vegetable juices.


All jams, jellies, marmalades, preserves, “fruit butter,” made from the permitted list. Use sparingly if made with real sugar; use more generously if artificial sweetened. The difference is in the calories not the protein.


Ketchup - Mustard- Low-Calorie salad dressing
Chili sauce- Olives- Tomato sauce
Chow-Chow- Pickles, Dill, Sour, Sweet-
(No protein such as meat, cheese)
Horseradish - Relishes-


Most hot and cold cereals are permitted is small portions, but NOT cereals marked “contains protein”

Permitted Cereals include:
Cream of Rice- Flakes-Bran,- Rice, -Wheat
Cream of Wheat- Oatmeal-
Farina - Puffed Rice-, wheat-, corn-, bran

***On cereal use as little cream as possible, thinned out with water. Do not use milk.***


Don’t eat more then one slice of bread or toast, or one small biscuit or muffin per meal, because of high-calorie content. No cheese breads or any marked “contains protein”

Biscuits - Melba Toast- Soda bread-
Bran - Muffins - White-
Corn - Rye - Whole Wheat-

CRACKERS: (Small Portions)

Graham - Pretzels sticks- Soda crackers-
Matzos - Rye Wafers-

COOKIES: (Small Portions)

Bland cookies but not any marked “contains protein.” Eat NO more than one cookie at one meal (two if very small) because of high calorie content.

Animal crackers - Tea biscuits-
Arrowroot- Vanilla wafers-
Chocolate wafers - Zwieback-
Ginger wafers - Lady Fingers-
Lemon wafers-

Very sparingly- IF AT ALL

Brown sugar -
Mince meat-
Olive Oil-
Butter -
Sugar syrups-
Cream -
Popcorn -
Sweet Potato-
Creamers Non-Dairy-
Pudding (artificially sweetened) Tapioca-
Flour -
Rice -
Vegetable Oil -
Honey -


Don’t eat any of these foods while on the “Inches-Off” diet:

BEANS (except green, sting & wax)-
FISH - NUTS - GELATIN (Not even the sugar-free kind)
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