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Tips and Articles for Kids Weightloss Support

Low Carb Friends is committed to weight loss support, and this includes our children too. A big "thank you" goes to Cheri, an LCF Admin for providing the following information.

One of the biggest problems plaguing children today is obesity. These days, kids are far less active and eat far worse than ever before. Inactivity plays a major role in weight gain, especially for children and young teens.

What can parents do?

1. Turn off the TV, computers and game consoles and get the kids out of the house or into some kind of sport or exercise program.

2. Limit their time in front of the TV and on the computer, as well as how long they are allowed to play video games. Set a timer and when it goes off, no excuses. Times up!

3. Use time on these items as a reward for doing their homework and only after they get their daily exercise.

4. Move their computer and/or television OUT of their bedroom and into the family area where kids can be monitored.

5. Do not let kids snack while playing video games nor while in front of the TV or on the computer. Adults and children who snack while doing these activities take in far more carbs and calories then they realize. This can really pack on the pounds because many children snack on high-calorie foods, such as crackers, chips and cookies while they watch TV or play computer games. This will add to weight gain.

6. Try having a family rule against eating while watching TV, using the computer or playing video games.

7. Help your child to be active every day.

8. Limit total time in front of the screen to one or two hours per day.

9. Have your child get up and move around during commercials.

10. Encourage your child to do other activities and make exercise one of the most important aspects of their day.

11. Reduce portions. Portions are way too big at dinner time, and sugary sodas need to be limited or cut out of their diet all together because they are empty calories. Remember, a serving fits in the palm of your hand.

12. Limit their fast food consumption.

13. Prepare meals as a family. It’s a fact that kids will eat things they have made themselves so if you have them help you in the kitchen while you make breakfast, lunch or dinner, they will be more apt to eat something that is good for them.

14. Eat a modified diet, whether it is low carb or low fat, or if they are calorie counting. A modified diet can help take pounds off of your child and can make sure they keep their weight under control. However, children should not be on a strict diet program because they are still growing. Kids need more calcium and certain nutrients that a strict diet may not allow. It is important to modify their diet to include these things while not getting too many carbs, calories or fat.

15. Most importantly, create an environment that supports and encourages healthy choices!

This should be a lifestyle change for your child, not a temporary way of eating.

Here are some articles that may help you make balanced dietary choices for your kids:

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