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low testosterone?

I am a 36yr old female.
I have been having a bunch of issues (can't lose weight, moods, lack of energy, feeling like poop, losing hair, headaches, etc)
so in october my GP gave me a clean bill of health (after another dr said I had hashi over a year before that but didn't want to medicate me cause i'm so young)
ANYWAY I have a new obgyn because I moved, he sat with me and went over a bunch of things, and because I was PCOS when I was younger he wanted to send me for a bunch or tests to see how that is doing, if im still anemic, etc.
SOOOO my blood came back and everything is fine BUT my testosterone is so low its just about not even there (regular number and free testosterone)
He suggested hormone therapy and gave me a week to think about it, and do my research.
I have been doing my research and it seems like I have a check mark in every box that are signs for low testosterone. I was just wondering if anyone has taken this (im very pre menopause) and what is your experience with it?
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Yep, after about three months I started dropping hair like crazy.

Your hair loss is the key to your problem, tho; you don't lose hair with low testosterone (incidentally, have you noticed if your eyebrows are thinning?). Your thyroid absolutely is out of whack. Get the thyroid fixed first before you start messing with testosterone or you'll be bald in no time flat and it might not come back. Contact a compounding pharmacy and ask them to recommend a doctor who prescribes natural dessicated thyroid and get on Naturethroid if you can (Armour keeps changing formulas and it's not as reliable as it used to be).

Fixing the thyroid will definitely fix many of the other problems (depression, hair loss, exhaustion, inability to lose weight, etc.). But I can't emphasize enough, don't trust any doctor who doesn't want to work with dessicated thyroid (it has to do with treatment philosophy). It sounds like you may have subclinical low thyroid, which means it doesn't necessarily test low enough to be considered "low" (by conventional medicine standards) but really needs to be treated and your other subjective symptoms need to be taken into consideration.

BTW, any doctor who says you had Hashimoto's and doesn't want to treat it because you're too young, frankly, is NOT a doctor! Why would he not treat a young person whose quality of life is being so badly impaired!!! That is absolutely and utterly irresponsible!

Oh, final point, a female's testosterone levels can fluctuate throughout the month depending on where she is in her cycle.

Messing with your estrogen/progesterone/testosterone if your thyroid is not functioning properly is just going to set you up for a host of other problems down the road.
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