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Old 12-16-2011, 04:30 AM   #151
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Paula, don't feel bad or guilty. We all have to treat ourselves once in a while. I know I do. Sounds like you did well and didn't overdo it and I'll bet you had a good time. I usually go really overboard before I catch myself and pick myself back up and then I have done major damage and then I am days getting back to where I was. I'll bet you won't have a gain from just that.
I have been doing very low carb for the past few days and has surely taken away the cravings and have lost a few # this week.
Hope I can continue on this until Christmas and then just not go too overboard. I am going to have ham but I won't be eating any of that. The salt is just like poison to me so will probably eat some of the salads and veggies and maybe fix a little chicken.
Hope you have a wonderful day. We can do this!!!!!
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Old 12-16-2011, 06:52 AM   #152
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WOE: moderate carbs, calories
Well, I didn't weigh this AM.....chicken! I'll be really careful today.
Have you ever tried the LC protein whey Chocolate? My hubby and I like that for breakfast. I'll tell you how I fix it if you want. Paula
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Old 12-16-2011, 07:44 AM   #153
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I know what you mean after a small slipup. If I gain, it discourages me and then I really lose control. That's just me - I know we have to just pick and start a new day.
Yes, I would love to hear how you fix the protein whey. I have some chocolate and chocolate mint in my cupboard and need ideas. I think I also have some strawberry flavor that I like, too. Always love new ideas.
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Old 12-16-2011, 08:29 AM   #154
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WOE: moderate carbs, calories
I have the chocolate whey from Vitamin World and it's really good. OK, so this is what I do: Mix (1 T. per person) the chocolate whey, along with 2 T diet chocolate pudding mix, 1 cup Almond Milk, and 3/4 cup Strawberries or blueberries....Blend in blender..if too thick, I add a little water. This holds me for about 4 hrs. Not bad. Good luck Hope. Fun visiting with you. Where do you live? Paula
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Old 12-16-2011, 01:47 PM   #155
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Thank you so much for the recipe and I am going to give it a try. Sounds so yummy. Think I could also use some of my strawberry whey with fresh strawberries and vanilla pudding, too.
I live in the Midwest and it is cold today. Since I see you are in CO, I know that you know how that is.
Nice visiting with you, too, and have a great evening,
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Old 01-06-2012, 07:39 PM   #156
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WOE: The Metabolism Miracle
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Just starting

Finally can't take it anymore. Weight Watchers doesn't do it for me. I wish it did because I enjoy the point system. Anyway, got an email advertising a book over the weekend, got the book at the library on Wednesday, read it on Thursday, ordered it online to pick up at the bookstore on Saturday (so I can write in it!), ans start the diet tomorrow morning. I have tried low carb before, but am much more motivated now because I have more health issues. Also, the book presented the health aspects of all this, and what could happen to my body scares me! Bought enough low-carb food to get me through the weekend with what I already have, and will hit the health food store and the grocery store on Sunday. I am hungry all the time, have low impulse control, and need all the support I can get! Thanks and wish me luck!
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Old 01-07-2012, 06:16 AM   #157
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Hello Sheila and welcome. I have been low carbing for a long time and have lost and regained around 40-50#, but it is easiest for me. Years ago, I tried WW and just couldn't lose. I am now at 136.8 and am 5'1" so my goal is 125. Having a problem getting below 130. I have started JUDD this week with calorie cycling and low carb, so will see if this gets me out of the 30's.
Good luck. You will do great.
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Old 01-20-2012, 09:28 AM   #158
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Getting back on track

Hi all. I've been posting for the past month or so. I thought I should finally, officially introduce myself. I apologize in advance. This is going to be long and rambling.

First off, I just turned 50 on 1/5/12. It's bummed me out; not sure why. I think it was more that I'd reached my top weight again and was physically feeling old, which made me feel old mentally. Anyway.

About 5 years ago, I was in Goodwill browsing the discounted book section. I saw the paperback of The Carbohydrate Addict's Diet for 50 cents or $1 (not that it really matters, but it was a reallllly good deal). I flipped through to the quiz section and, boy, it nailed my eating habits right on the head. If there's Coke and Sprite in the house and I drink one, forget about it. I can't stop drinking it; and then I feel horrible at the end of the day because I drank so much. I think 4 cans is the max, but if I drink one, the second one isn't far behind, and we ALWAYS have soda in the house.

My partner's eating habits makes it really hard for me to stick to ones that are best for me. He loves to cook for people, and it's always "what kind of potatoes/rice/noodles do you want to go with that?" When I first started low carbing he couldn't wrap his head around the fact that, for me, it's pretty much an all or nothing deal. I started with the CA diet and lost about 15 pounds, which was my goal. When we'd met I weighed about 115. Within a couple of years I'd poofed up to 130. I'm only 5' tall, so that's a lot of weight for me to carry. Once I lost the weight, I gradually went back to my old eating habits, thinking I could have one soda, or one tortilla, or one candy bar and stop there. But, sadly, for me, no dice. This after seeing my mom, about 7 years earlier, getting into a swimsuit and thinking "I will NEVER let myself get like that."

I haven't, but now I understand when I see really heavy people. I used to think "How can they do that to themselves? How did they let themselves get that way? I'll never let that happen." Now I understand. It creeps up on you. First your regular clothes fit a little tight, so you resort to your "fat" clothes. They get a little too uncomfortable so you resort to stretchy clothes. The stretchy clothes are outgrown so it's off to the store to buy the next size or two up. And then those get too tight. Luckily, that's where I stopped. But this could take months, maybe years, so you don't notice it so much until you take a really good look in the mirror instead of lowering your eyes every time you're near one. Then you see the belly rolls and the full face and the heavy arms and just shudder. But I've never gotten to the point of thinking "what's the use? I'm this far gone; I'll never get back to ____ amount of pounds or ____ size clothes." Thankfully.

I didn't like how strict the CA diet was with the exception of your one reward meal. Then I found South Beach where you could eat small amounts of carbs throughout the day, but you never got that "just a few more hours and I can have that donut and soda." So I eventually failed at both. I slowly got back up to 130 this past December so I knew I had to give it another shot. I found something in the CA book that I didn't catch the first time - nothing sweet, not even artificial sweetener because it tricks your body into releasing excess insulin. That was the only thing that got me through before; how could I give that up? Well, slap myself on the forehead, if it worked for me before it'll still work for me. It's not like I'm now going to all of a sudden gain weight with artificial sweeteners because I read about it.

Now I take a bit from both diets and it works for me. Some days I'll manage to eat small amounts at a time, like a tuna melt with one slice of bread. Some days I can eat nothing but fat and protein. Some days I'll let myself have a decent sized serving of ice cream, cereal, potatoes, or chocolate.

My partner loves to cook, loves beer and soda and, until a year ago, could get away with it. He was on ADHD and cholesterol meds until he started a new job and fell into the pre-existing condition trap a year ago. Now all of the bad habits have caught up with him. He never understood the concept of eating when you aren't hungry, because Concerta took his appetite away. He could go two days and only eat one meal and couldn't understand why everyone couldn't do that. He'd be drinking soda and beer too, but the lack of eating regular meals kept his weight down. He was also chewing nicotine gum because it helped with his ADHD, to a point. He finally had to give up the gum a few weeks ago (financial stress) and now he wants to eat all the time, even when he's not hungry. It's not doing anything for the nice waistline he had when we met. He also snores, and that's gotten worse with the weight gain. He doesn't like when I have to wear ear plugs or get out of bed because he's keeping me awake, but it's not enough incentive to take off any weight. Not even finding out all of the health risks of sleep apnea, including sudden death, is enough for him to make some changes. <sigh>

His clothes are tight, and he's uncomfortable, and one of his clients told him he was fat (he's a psychologist. Not all of his clients have tact. LOL). I find myself getting really unhappy with him for not taking care of himself better. A while ago when he said "hey, I've been taking pretty good care of myself" I shot back with "Have you taken a good look in the mirror lately?" but realized I was being a big ol' hypocrite. Now I'm working really hard to keep my carb consumption under control, and I force myself to do Callanetics even when I know it's going to kick my butt. It's something I struggle with every day, and I have to remind myself how good I feel when I follow the rules I've set up for myself when I want to grab a can of soda and a bag of chips or crackers.

I'm worth it. We're worth it.
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Old 04-12-2012, 05:12 AM   #159
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I am starting lc again after regaining (due to becoming a shut in) half of the 150lbs I lost originally. I am on a very strict less than 30 carbs a day as an induction & am losing VERY VERY slowly. Quite discouraging even tho I am in ketosis. Am using a low carb, moderate protein, moderate fat way which also helps my diabetes 2.

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Old 04-13-2012, 04:49 PM   #160
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Hi all,
Wanted to check in with this thread. I'm in my mid-50's, always active with sports and particularly walking/hiking. Have been trying the non-diet approach for the last 5 years and although I have not gained weight, I have not lost any either. I occasionaly over the years, have done "Atkins" but I realize that it is time to get serious. I am much encouraged by the success stories or the 50+ crowd on Atkins. I also love the "food Porn" thread.
I like the I'm worth it-we're worth it quote!!
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Old 04-14-2012, 05:44 PM   #161
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How I got started low-carb

Low carb manages blood sugar, so I'm not hungry.
I learned this from Jonny Bowden's DVD last November. Living the Low carb Life. I bought it used on Amazon. He said to name 3 things you are giving up by not losing weight, and he said fat keeps you satiated. Also wrong kind of carbs puts blood sugar on a roller coaster. So I wrote down his eleven steps and lost 3" off my waist, and about 15 lbs. I've got 25 more to reach my goal.

I live next door to my 18 year old granddaughter, Anastacia, and her husband, they enjoy pizza often. I try to send all their carbs home with them.

I'm going to plan a weekly menu which will help me a lot because I get so busy during the week. I made my pumpkin custard and its a nice snack of protein. I use a little powdered egg white to thicken it.

I eat 1/2 of a protein bar with a little walnut, I could use some more snack ideas that I could put into my purse when running errands. Thanks for all the recipes and encouragement. I'm glad I found you!
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Old 09-14-2012, 08:27 AM   #162
Golden Rose
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New to low carb

I have played around with low carb for a while, but now I'am ready to get serious. I'am happy to have found this site. So much good information. I have been a lifetime member of WW since 1980. Every time I would reach my goal, the weight would come right back. I have been low fat for so long it is hard to let go. I will see my Dr. for blood work in Jan and from all I have read on this site it will be good. Looking forward to not being hungry between meals.
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Old 09-27-2012, 11:39 AM   #163
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Hello new lc friends..I just joined the forum and it's already helping me. I have been low carbing for about 9.5 years. Had gastric bypass 8 years and 7 months ago. My doctor pushed the low carb/high protein approach and it has made all the difference. I lost half my body weight - -- 165 lbs...but over the years have put 30 back on....thus the induction and ongoing weight loss approach has come to the rescue - have lost 10 lbs this month...even with gastric bypass the weight wants to come back on...only low carbing helps. It is the only way to keep the weight off for me. I enjoy low carb cooking and would love to learn new ideas and recipes. Keep up the good work everyone!! cnlessofme.
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Old 11-07-2012, 12:36 PM   #164
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My Low-Carb Experience

Hi! I just found this site and love it! Saw this thread and decided to share my own experience with the low carb diet.

I've battled with my weight for about 30 years. I tried nearly every diet known to man! I would occasionally lose a little weight but it came right back on when I gradually got back to eating normally. However, I had never tried the low carb diet.

I'm 54 years old now, and had actually decided that as long as I didn't gain any more weight, I wasn't going to worry about it any more. I weighed 195 lbs and wore a size 18. I have a large bone structure, and all my life I've weighed 20 lbs more than people who wore the same size I did. After a million tries at losing weight for so many years, I'd just decided it was in my genes and I was tired of worrying about it. So I stopped worrying about my weight and decided to live with it. I did still need to lose the weight, though, because I have arthritis; MRI's show I have the joints of an 85 year old!

I am the Community Outreach Coordinator for Answers.com and telecommute, which means I work from home in Kentucky with occasional travel. My home office is in New York City (Manhattan), and that is the city that is hardest to get around because of my arthritis. So many stairs to climb in nearly every building that doesn't have elevators, the steep and long stairs down to the subway, and all the walking everywhere I go was extremely painful. I had even gotten to the point I requested wheelchair assistance in the airports. And shopping - if the store I was in had scooters, I used them. Otherwise, I avoided shopping and sent my daughter to the store for me because I could not walk very much without the pain becoming excruciating.

In June of 2011 I was diagnosed with diabetes. Somehow that triggered an unstoppable determination in my brain and I was on the low carb diet before I even left the doctor's office. I didn't know anything about the diet, so I came home and immediately done some research. I created a workbook using Google Docs with a spreadsheet with a list of foods allowed, one with a list of foods to avoid, and one for a daily log of the foods I ate. I participate in a heart failure program with my insurance company which requires weighing in once in the morning and once at night on a scale provided by the company. My weight and answers to 3 yes and no questions (buttons on the monitor) are then called in automatically to the company nurses. So I was very glad I have this accurate scale to monitor my weight when I started the low carb diet.

I began losing weight very quickly, and within 6 months, I'd lost 50 lbs and gone down 7 sizes! It has now been almost a year and the weight has stayed off; I haven't gained back 1 lb. The low carb diet is the only diet I've ever been on that the weight actually stayed off. I'm no longer strictly on the diet, but I do still lightly watch my carbs.

My diabetes, because of the weight loss and 1000 mg of Metformin daily, is under control and stays in the normal range. When it does go up, it's never higher than 135. My doctor says I'm going to beat this diabetes and it will eventually go away completely to the point I should no longer be diabetic and should be able to stop the meds.

And an absolutely miraculous benefit of losing all that weight has been that I can now shop in WalMart and large grocery stores without using scooters, and I can actually enjoy strolling around Manhattan, visiting Times Square and go sight-seeing with very little pain. And I can walk through the airports.

During the months I was on the diet strictly, here's a little about the things I ate and my meals. I ate breakfast at 9 AM. I would eat something like a small container of sugar-free jello or pudding, or bacon or sausage and eggs. At 11 AM, I ate something like cottage cheese with mandarin oranges or some other type of fruit mixed in, and some type of meat, even if it was a piece of luncheon meat or sausage left from breakfast. At 1:00 in the afternoon, I ate again - sugar-free jello or pudding, an apple. I also discovered CarbMaster "Yogurt" at Kroger. It's a dairy blend that has the texture and taste of yogurt, you can not tell it isn't really yogurt. And it comes in many different delicious flavors and isn't expensive. At our Kroger, it's 5 for $2. So I ate a lot of that on my low carb diet, also. I also ate boiled or pickled eggs often. For supper, I ate meat, and low-carb vegetables. I found bread low in carbs and would eat maybe a sandwich or toast or french toast with sugar-free syrup. I ate a lot of salads. I never felt hungry or deprived and if I wanted a candy bar, piece of cake or pie occasionally, I ate one. I think the knowing you have to deprive yourself is the main thing that causes people to go off their diets. The thing is, if you DO eat something you shouldn't have, don't let it deter you from your diet at all. I ate at 9 AM, 11 AM, 1 PM, 4 PM, 6 PM and 8 PM. Just small meals, but I never felt hungry or deprived.

As for eating out, I looked online for all the restaurants in my area and looked at the nutrition chart for their foods. I made a list of the things I could eat from each restaurant and carried that in my purse. If we were out and decided to stop for something to eat, I'd get out my list and choose where and what to eat. You can also order foods to your specifications, such as a Big Mac with no bun, and ask for a fork. Or have them leave out the middle bun. You can order chicken sandwiches or any sandwich with no bun. You get the meat and the dressing and just eat it with a fork. I sometimes just order the sandwich, lift the top bun and pull a plug out of the thickest part of the bun. You never even miss the bread you've taken out. I also tear off the crusty sides of bread on sandwiches at home. It makes a plate full of bread and I look at it and think, wow, look at those carbs and calories I'm getting rid of and I never miss it, and can still have a sandwich. There are all kinds of little tricks like that you'll find if you just keep in the forefront of your mind that you need to avoid all the carbs you can. Oh, and I also ate vienna sausage or potted meat. No carbs in those.

I feel like a new person since I've lost all that weight. I can barely lift an item that weighs 50 lbs and it amazes me that I was carrying all that weight around every day! If I find the area on the site where you can upload photos, I'll put up some before and afters. :-)

I'm so glad I discovered this forum!
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Old 11-16-2012, 09:37 AM   #165
Jo Dee
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I like this low carb forum - best I've found ever I wanted to share my success with you too. In 6 weeks I've lost 18 pounds and many inches - didn't measure. But I can get into clothes I haven't been able to wear in a long time and am really enjoying the wardrobe. More importantly I think is how much better I feel about my life being back in my control. I'm a major carb addict so it's always been hard not to binge on them and along with that I have a terrible urge to eat a lot at night. Very bad idea. I have finally overcome my very longstanding indigestion and coated tongue. This alone makes me very very happy.
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How I got here!

February 2011, I weighed in at 200+ lbs. I always thought, at 5-7.5 tall, I wasn't fat. Gained it while having my two kids, both big babies, 10 lbs plus, but I also gained an extra 30 lbs with each. Lost some after first one, but didn't after second. When I started in Feb, 2011, I didn't know I was eating low carb, but it ended up that way! Mainly guit eating bread, potatoes and so called carby things to keep my blood sugar in check -- pre-diabetic with diabetes in my family. I lost 40 lbs between Feb 2011 and Nov 2011 and have maintained ~160 since. Until a month ago when I gained 6 lbs.

But, I can't get any lower so have decided to try Atkins - have been in induction for 4 days now to try and give myself a kick start! Down 2 lbs. Am sure hoping that this will be the answer. They say, being older (65 in Jan) makes it harder to drop lbs so we'll see. Hope to find support here and to give it as well. Since retiring, not around too many people and even though dh is supportive, he still thinks that fat is bad even though I've given him reading material to prove otherwise.

I've loved reading so many great testimonies -- they are sure helpful!
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lazy girl
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This looks like a great place to stay

This is such a friendly and comfortable forum that it seemed wise to stay a while. I've been a member for a few years, but have not been active because the sheer size of it left me wondering where a person would decide to fit in. However, after looking through the posts in the recipe section and a few other places, this looked best for me. I've been active for a while in another forum, but it's become so political and even bitter, that I had to get out of there.

My immediate goal is to control my blood sugar. That will help with the weight. Low carbing is not new to me, but I have great difficulties resisting all the temping tastes that are put before me.

I didn't even look to see if this was a thread for newcomers, but it looked good to me.
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newcomer just starting out

Hi, everyone,
I'm about to be 54 (good grief, when did THAT happen?) and I weigh more now than I did in 1981, the week I gave birth to my 10 and a half pound daughter!Skinny and strong as a young person, but menopause, thyroiditis/hypothyroid, and lupus have made me fat and weak and unhealthy. I tried semi-starvation diets, WW, everything. The pounds keep creeping up. Where will it end! I thought. And then I knew: "it will end with you sicker and sicker, and fatter and in more pain, unless you do something RIGHT NOW."

So when I saw the Gary Taubes book in the bookstore---Why We Get Fat---I bought it, read it this week, and realized, this is the thing i have to do. Modest goal: only the last 21 pounds. My best weight is 118-120 but I doubt that is realistic, so I'll settle for 130 and then maybe we'll see about the rest. I am on holiday vacation away from family, which is better for controlling what and when one eats. Have been pretty good so far, though not perfect:

Day 1: 17 g carbs --not hungry at all
Day 2: 75 g carbs (not hungry but craving like crazy, which tells me what an addiction this is---sweets! pasta! all of it! There, the desk--it looks brown--might it have chocolate in it? Can I gnaw on it and see? anything for a hit. hooo boy, I was an animal yesterday.) Would it be ok to soak some rice or bread in my mouth and not swallow it, but spit it out? Just for the taste? You see how bad a carb addict I am.
Day 3: 38 carbs (that's today; not hungry; cravings are definitely there but manageable. I did have a small apple.)

No scale here so I list my last week weight of 151, but even with this rocky start I can tell, my pants are a bit looser and I think my moods are more steady. Anyone else notice that effect on moods?

I appreciate this forum already. Seems a mellow and supportive (but not phony-supportive) place.

I have a lot to learn and I hope it will be all right to ask questions (not sure which threads are best for that). Best of luck to us all as we do this very hard and brave and valuable thing--

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67 yrs. old, Just completed 7 months of Low Carb

My Dr. told me on 5/21/12 "Don't eat anything white except cauliflower".... My birthday was the very next day but I was committed. Began at 206 and am today 158. My height is 5' 8" and BMI about 24.... Very acceptable but I do want to get a little more off. Happy to be back on this woe and glad it is doing the required job of getting me more healthy. I am diabetic with A1c in the 8 range........ now my A1c is 5.3.... just so excited to get off some diabetes meds and know I will be able to do more. Blood pressure doing great and my health for a 67 yr. old is very good. I had double heart bypass surgery at age 54. Latest stress test was fantastic.

I recommend anyone who needs to reduce sugar readings, has weight issues, to get on low carb. Not being hungry and losing weight is great.
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Low Carb "Lifestyle"
10-12 years ago my husband & I were told we were "pre-diabetic". Tested our blood sugar & thought we were changing our eating habits enough & everything would be ok. Then my DH's vision was being affected & things got serious. So we started a low carb diet. He first started losing weight & actually thought he was dying from cancer! The weight just kept coming off. He has totally lost 50-55 lbs. and I've lost 15. I started losing later after him so I would say to all the ladies, it may take you longer to see results.
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I find encouragement here

Hi All,

I am new to the group. I have been doing low carbs for about 6 months now. I have been in a slump since Thanksgiving and I am trying to get back on track. I have lost 57 pounds total and I am excited about the next 50 because at 307, I was so large that nobody even noticed I was losing weight until I hit about 275, now the seem to notice every little amount and it encourages me to keep going. Thanks so much for allowing me to join and to read all these positive testimonies!
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I'm 67 years young. I'm going to do this lifestyle change. My husband I both need to watch sugar. with all the help on this forum and all the recipes from Buttoni, Linda Sue and the recipe room I can do this. I've spent time this am fixing up things to freeze and copying alot of recipes. Really need to go through pantry and throw some unhealthy things away. Susan
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Hi, I am 58 yrs old and did low carb in my late 30's with success, altho i really did not have much to lose then. Started doing the new atkins several months ago with my husband who has lots of health issues. I have lost about 35 lbs since June, so it has been a very slow process this time. I read that if you are older and if you are a menopausal woman,it may not come off very quickly!! But this way of eating is working for me and i intend to stay eating this way. My husband "cheated" during the holidays and gained what he had lost back but is now restarting. My dau and son-in-law have just recently started on induction,so that makes me feel good. Is much more fun when others are eating like you do. I recently discovered lowcarbfriends and then just noticed this forum. Love the site and the encouragement and recipe ideas.
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I'm 67 years old and started very very low carb about 6 months ago. Before, I was pre diabetic with high tri's. After 3 months, I had a normal fasting blood glucose level and my tri's were way down. When your tri's are below 100, the usual way of calculating LDL is incorrect. They use the Friedwal equation which doesn't work. You have to use the Iranian equation to get an accurate count. Anyway, I stopped eating anything from grains. And, absolutely no sugar stuff. Mostly meat and a few veggies like good lettuce and a little spinach and a few hot green peppers. I do eat, on occasion, berries including strawberries. In the morning, I start with coffee, heavy cream, coconut oil which sometimes, lasts me most of the day. I eat lottsa bacon and eggs. I used to have such sugar and carb cravings, they would control my life. Not anymore. They are there, but, I can control them. Once in a while I'll eat something I shouldn't eat but it's no big deal as I'm soon back on what makes me feel good and that's fatty steaks, bacon, grass fed butter and good cheese. It's changed my life. I'm 5' 9" and was at around 227 lbs. I'm now down to about 200-205 and feeling good. Target weight is around 170.

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Has anyone heard of Jonny Bowden..He has a program that is called "Unleash your Thin" I am starting his program and he starts out trying to eliminate your gremlins..he calls them. He focuses on treating the everyday problems. He is locarb and he makes all kind of scense and has a whole program..which can get expensive if you let it. I only bought the book and I get to get on the website and there are lots more xtras. I am so hoping this will work for me as I have tried EVERYTHING else. I could start a bookstore with all my shelf-help books I have on every diet program known. I have done well in the past on low carb so wish me luck...I will follow everyone for guidence and support.
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I've been low-carbing off and on for the last three years, and this time for the last couple of months. I started again because I feel better when I eat fewer carbs. I don't feel like I'm bloated, my joints don't crack and pop and ache, I have more energy and (I've noticed this recently) my mood is a lot better. In fact, I've been plagued with depression for years, and am now--without medication--feeling more positive and happy than ever.
This time around I'm tracking my carbs--including those in my veggies--much more carefully.
Some key things that have helped me: Looking at photos of people who have lost 50 or more pounds (my goal), not skinny people getting skinnier; doing some form of exercise most every day (I often walk 2 miles a day; go swimming at least once a week, and lift weights a few times weekly). A big help has been going to the gym with two friends. We just travel together, work out alone, but keeping that commitment to show up has helped. Also, drinking lots of water is really important. I'm using sauerkraut to boost my probiotics, and that (for some reason) has reduced my hunger greatly. I think the healthy flora helps me more fully digest the food I do eat.
What motivates me? The fact that I feel better, and finally (at 58!) deciding that I desire and deserve to feel good and take better care of myself. And--years ago a (female) boss of mine was rather heavy. I'd known her for years, and she'd always been large. She decided to lose weight and did--she probably dropped about 80 pounds. What's interesting is this happened several years ago (I saw her 5 months ago and she has kept the weight off) but I see her in my mind's eye, and that helps.
The one thing I would tell others is: treat this like an experiment; I do. I track carbs and when eat, so I get a sense of what works and what doesn't--plus I don't have to get emotionally engaged that way (if I see myself and my way of eating as a kind of living test tube). Also, there is the benefit of feeling good and valuing myself. I used to want to lose weight because I wanted to be accepted and loved--by others. If I was only smaller/cuter/more attractive I would have the life I wanted and the people in it that would make it wonderful. Now, I'm more focused on the internals.
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I'm 70 years old and have been low carbing for more than 20 years. I am insulin resistant hypoglycemic and my husband is insulin dependent diabetic. I was ill for two months and gained some weight which I am working at getting rid of, so my carbs are lower than usual, but we are usually on maintenance of around 50 carbs a day.

Sharon in Phoenix
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Originally Posted by JeanieH View Post
How about we all share our personal stories of doing low carb? Some of you have reached goal weight already and I bet you have a great story... others of us are just on the journey towards that goal... but we all have our own stories... how about we share them and hopefully the newbies and even us long term low carbers will get a push of motivation to keep up the good work? If this sounds good just join right in and share here is a list of a few things you might include.

Why you started low carbs?
What differences has low carbs made in your life?
" " in your health?
What key things have helped you?
How do you motivate yourself to keep going?
What helpful hints can you share?

Can any of you think of other topics to cover? Let's make this a long encouraging/informative thread.

I will post my Testimony after a bit... hopefully some of you are game to share... Thanks
Hi everyone I'm lpenben. I'm just starting in on the chat room. It would really be nice to chat with other lcers. I have lost about 74 lbs eating lc . Sometimes I go a long time on a stall but I just keep eating my meat and vegies. I'm 63 so I've notice it takes longer for me to lose weight now. But I love the way I feel.
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Hello, everyone. My name is Cindi and I am using low carb to help me with my diabetes and cholesterol problems. I turned 50 in July and when I saw this part of the forums, I thought I would check it out.
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A pillow with that Quote on it is perfect: I can see it on my bed now...

[QUOTE=CorgiGirl;3089142]Thank you all for sharing your stories. They are inspiring. I was never overweight until I had my second child. I gained 35 lbs with her and had to fight really hard to get that weight off. When I was 40 years old, I was in the best shape of my life. I played serious racquetball, lifted weights, and jogged on a regular basis. My lowest weight then was 105 but I maintained between 115-118lbs. A couple of years later I changed jobs and while it was a great opportunity for me, it was extremely stressful. I started gradually gaining weight and ended up at my highest weight of 187lbs. Like other people, I had my share of adversity (death of a brother, my father, my mother, two auto accidents where my car was hit by other people, two spinal surgeries, one sugery the result of the 2nd car accident. Although I started many diets since then, I would lose a few lbs and then give up and regain the weight. In August 2002, I started a low fat/low calorie diet (at 181lbs) because I really wanted to be at goal weight by my 55 birthday. I hated being on the low fat/low calorie diet--I was sleepy all the time and had no energy and my weight yo-yo'd. I lost just under 17lbs on that diet over 9 months but was a very long way from my goal by my 55 b'day. I started Atkins June 9, 2003 and am very thankful to God for leading me to this WOL. I don't feel as if I have been on a diet at all. I have lost the weight slow but steady. My original goal was 125lbs but I dropped that to 120lbs which I attained this week. I am still a work in progress in that I would like to go down to 115lbs and then really concentrate on building muscle through weight training which is my favorite exercise.

Things that contributed to my success:

Strength and committment received from God
Following Atkins strictly (only 1 cheat day since starting Atkins)
Exercise (did not start a formal program until January 2004)
Drinking water throughout the day instead of diet coke
Keeping frankenfoods to a minimum (I use the SF syrups like Davincis and SF pickles. I had meal replacement bars a few times while going to school and have used the protein shakes but no SF candies or other processed type foods)
Finding low carb versions of favorite recipes

My favorite quote: "Nothing tastes as good as being thin feels" (Oprah Magazine)


I can see that on a pillow.. "Nothing tastes as good as being thin feels" I'lllet you know how it comes out...maybe a refrigerator magnet too...
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