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Sky high advanced lipid results

Ok, so here is a quick lowdown on where I am in detail.

• I am 39 yo, weigh 189lbs (85kgs) and have a BMI of just under 25 (although not carrying much fat at all, approx. 15% body fat).
• LCHF for 5 yrs - slowly fell off the wagon about 18 months ago due to 2nd child and working away from home a lot with no control of my food
(military). When I was home my wife generally prepared food for me coming in from work that was relatively LCHF.
• I have never smoked and rarely drink alcohol.
Keto for last 10 weeks with great results for weight loss, but not had that energy spike or mental clarity often spoken, I suspect I am .
• Tested blood ketones and they are normally between 0.5 - 1.5mmol but on occasions are either side of that band.
• Father had heart attack at 56, gall stones about a yr later and gall bladder removal shortly afterwards. Has had 2 attacks of acute
pancreatitis in last yr.
• I never exercised more than was required to pass my fitness test but have decided something has to change and have ramped this up and
doing about 4+ hrs a week of slow and steady ~70% Max Heart Rate.
• Had cholesterol test in 2012 and then the next one in Nov 2017 –

Test results 2012
Total – 216
HDL- 42
LDL 150 (estimate based on calculation)
Tri – 113

Test Results 20 Nov 17 – Doctor didn’t listen about VLDL measurement request

Total – 247
HDL – 59
LDL – 169 (estimate based on calculation)
Tri – 101

Test Results 28 Nov 17 - Doctor STILL didn’t listen about VLDL measurement request but did do a hsCRP and a few other random things.

Total – 237
HDL – 43
LDL – 166 (estimate based on calculation)
VLDL – 28
Tri – 141
hsCRP – 1.8
Glucose 77 mg/dL
Sodium 138 mmol/L
Potassium 4.0 mmol/L
Calcium 9.5 mg/dL

I now appears my lipids are going the other way with a 40% increase in Tri and a 30% drop in HDL… Any ideas where to go from here or what it all means?

Test results 12 Dec 17 – Doctor had a severe case of know-better-itis, so threw money at the problem and ordered a Lipoprotein Subfractionation blood test myself and paid for it.

Lipoprotein Subfractions (nmol/L)
LDL Particle Number 2043
LDL Small 419
LDL Medium 594
LDL Large 4456
LDL Pattern B
LDL Peak Size (angstrom) 217.4

Total Particles (nmol/L)
HDL 20059
Non-HDL 2655

HDL Particle Subfractions
Small 15603

LDL Particle Subfractions
Very Small-d 91
Very Small-c 84
Very Small-b 79
Very Small-a 116
Large-b 309
Large-a 351

IDL Particle Subfractions
Small 283
Large 264

VLDL Particle Subfractions
Small 35
Medium 27
Large 3

I was so worried about my lipid levels and the fact I was mainly LCHF for the last 5 yrs so had a Calcium Heart CT Scan 2 weeks ago – My CAC came back with a score of 0, which is good… And bad. I am only 39, so technically a little young for a CAC so this could provide a false positive, although I am not sure that is entirely the case as I think my cardiac health is good, although I have absolutely no proof of that and my numbers certainly don’t appear to show that.

I am at a point now where I have 2 young children and I am really beginning to fear my risk for CVD is so high that I will end up dying before seeing them grow up, which really concerns me. I have thrown myself into Keto and have been doing well, but no matter what interpretation you make of my lipids, they are not great to say the least.

So my questions if someone would be great enough to help me find some answers -

1. Are my cholesterol numbers bad or am I just being paranoid?
2. What foods or actions help to reduce Triglycerides?
3. What foods or actions help to increase HDL?
4. Why am I NOT seeing lipids moving in the right direction?

Thanks in advance for any advice or help as I am pretty scared about my future with my children.
I now appear to be going the other way with a 40% increase in Tri and a 30% drop in HDL… Any ideas where to go from here or what it all means?
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Old 12-29-2017, 03:36 PM   #2
Stevie Renee
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Are you still here at LCF? I have some thoughts.
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