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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
We have created this list of some of the most frequently asked questions we receive. Please read these before contacting us to see if the answer to your question is already here.

Q: I am waiting for an email message so I can click the "activation link" to activate my Bulletin Board account, but I have not received the email. Can you help?

A: The system has been waiting for you to confirm your email address. You were immediately sent an email with an activation link that you need to click on, but apparently you didn't get this email. We will send an email to you (the email address you registered) again after 3 days, so be sure you have any spam filters de-activated so you can receive the email. We'll automatically delete the account after 5 days so you can try registering again if you have figured out why you have not received the email(s) that we sent to you.

Please, before re-registering, check the spam filters on your email!! Are you only allowing certain email addresses to email you? If so, de-activate the spam filter until you receive the email. If you have no spam filters set up, you might want to ask your Internet Service Provider if they are blocking emails for some reason.

Until you receive the email and click the activation link, you will be unable to post at the site.

Q: I have to keep logging into the Bulletin Board every day. Why won't it remember me?

A: Please check on these important settings:

1. Check to make sure "Cookies" are enabled in your web browser options. This is found in the "Tools | Internet Options | Privacy" area in Internet Explorer. If you can not figure this out, just make sure you are not running "High Security" settings in your browser.

2. Make sure in the "Edit Options" area of "My Controls" on the Bulletin Board area: ( ) that you choose "Yes" to the question of: "Automatically login when you return to the site? (uses cookies) Yes or No"

If that doesn't fix your problem and you are using a firewall that blocks "cookies", try disabling it or modifying it's configuration to allow cookies through.

If none of these ideas help, you will need to log in each day.

If you have any additional problems with the Bulletin Board, Check here. Featured Low Carb Products!
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